A milestone comes early

When the year began, I tried to predict how many miles I’d ride. Based on my numbers for the last five months of ’07, I guessed I would cover about 1,200 miles in ’08. Looks like that will be inaccurate.

After today’s ride, I found that I have already broken the 1,000 mile barrier. To be precise, 1,008 miles since the beginning of the year. I might be able to hit 1,200 by the end of the month.

So, how far upward should I revise my mileage goal for 2008? A reasonable figure would be 2,000 miles, which would give me six months to duplicate what I’ve already done in the first six months. Or should I set a mileage goal at all? Why not just plan on riding as regularly as possible, and let the chips fall.

I want to get some more long organized rides in this year, and have even been kicking around the idea of going after a century, perhaps in the fall. To do that, I will have to increase my weekly mileage as well as my long ride mileage. That seems a more sensible plan than just trying to hit a big number by year’s end. And by working on the training goals, the year-long mileage will just take care of itself.


  1. says

    The century goal is a good one. I would recommend building up to 2 long rides per week of at least 60 miles each, then go after the century.

  2. rainycamp says

    Funny you should mention the Outlaw Trail 100, Mike — that’s exactly the one I had in mind. (Actually, I was thinking about the Hotter ‘n Hell 100, but given the way I’ve been handling riding in the heat lately — not well — I’m bagging that idea.)

  3. says

    I’ve been riding with the Cyclopaths of Texas group that is training for the HHH 100. I don’t think I’ll get up to Wichita Falls for the ride, but it sounds like a fun one. If it wasn’t so far I’d give it some serious thought.

  4. says

    I have set goals every year for several years now. But I found that just having a total mileage goal didn’t really improve my fitness. So now I try to be less obsessed about miles and have goals for different types of rides each week. They includes things like intervals, sprints and hills. And then focusing on just taking an easy ride also. That is important for old guys like me. :)

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