Father’s Day swag

My wife saw to it that Father’s Day had a biking theme this year. She made a trip to our favorite LBS and brought back some goodies:

The swag.

The starring role went to a new pair of bibs. Yes, bibs. I’d never tried them before, and the sales clerk at the shop told her they were really comfortable. Not to mention that the mesh upper half helps hold in that beer gut tummy bulge guys my age tend to show. He was right — they feel great, and even on another day in the 90s, I never felt that they added a layer to my biking outfit.

Complementing the bibs were a new doo-rag from HeadSweats. I already have one, and like it. This one has the ties in the back, and it’s a little different feel from the other, that doesn’t have the ties.

Finally, because my bike is black, blue, and white, we have to have color-coordinated socks, right? So, a new pair of blue, black and white biking socks finish off the sartorial haul.

On my 32-mile ride this morning, I was a vision of Fredness on my black, blue and white bike, wearing my black, blue and white outfit. And after a great ride this morning, I get to watch the final round of the U.S. Open this afternoon. Biking and golf — can’t get much better than this.


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    After reading your post I decided I needed to ride in my bibs again. I’ve had a set for a LONG time and I remembered really liking them…but I just haven’t worn them for a very long time. Well, that changed today and they’re still really comfortable! I’ll have to ride them more often :)

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