Austin cyclist hit-and-run

Always lots of discussion about car vs. bike accidents. But what really gripes me is when I hear about a car that hits a biker and then takes off.

This incident happened several days ago — last Saturday. It appears the cyclist was not in the wrong.

In the Comments section of the TV station’s web site, Ms. McNair adds, “It’s a MIRACLE that i wasn’t killed since i went over the hood and off the back of the car. i also have extensive whiplash and nerve pain shooting from my head wound down through my right shoulder. but you know, it’s kinda hard to SHOW that.”

You can argue all you want about whether bikes should be allowed on busy city streets, but the point here is that leaving the scene of the accident and not rendering aid is criminal.


  1. says

    I’m glad the guy stopped that hit me…although I would have rather not been hit. I heard somewhere that the majority of bike/car accidents are hit and runs. When I tell people that I was hit and the guy stopped, everyone is generally pretty surprised. Although to make a speedy get away he would have had to run over me and the bike…probably doesn’t stop some people.

  2. Pete says

    Jared, yeah, I’ve had the same reaction. I was hit in October of last year and everyone is shocked that the woman stopped. I suppose it had something to do with the fact that it was rush hour and she had almost no way out.

  3. says

    That sucks. I’ve been knocked down twice by cars and luckily the driver stopped each time. And each time I was initially more concerned with my bike’s health than with mine…

  4. Colin says

    “You can argue all you want about whether bikes should be allowed on busy city streets…”

    Actually I’d argue about whether cars should be allowed on busy city streets!

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