That which does not kill you…

After Sunday’s disappointment, I was anxious to see how I would do on today’s quickie after work ride. I did 15 miles, and am happy to report that it was great.

Despite the 95°F (35°C) heat, with a brisk wind from the south, my average speed was higher than usual. I felt strong pushing up the few slight hills on the route, and did not run out of gas toward the end of the ride, as I have done often in the past.

Because I knew the ride would be a little less than an hour, I didn’t take any special measures. I ate lunch an hour before the ride, and brought two water bottles (which I emptied during the ride). Otherwise, it was a pretty normal afternoon ride.

Yesterday’s rest undoubtedly helped the recovery. But I think so did the stress on the body Sunday. I bounced back from it well. We’ll see how next Sunday’s ride goes, because I’ll be out of town until then on business, and won’t get in any additional riding.


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