Bike commuting grows

I’m not a bike commuter. My one-way ride to work is 30 miles, and it just wouldn’t be practical, especially in the high-90s temps we continue to have in central Texas. But in more temperate climes, commuting is on the upswing. It’s apparently gotten so popular in Minneapolis that people are complaining about too many bikes on the roads, according to this article from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

“More temperate” may be too kind. I lived in Minneapolis for 12 years, and while the summers are great there, I wouldn’t care to bike commute from about October to April. But maybe I’ve just become a weather wuss since moving down south.


  1. Black Pearl says

    I live in Dallas and have a 28 mile commute, one way, on the days I don’t feel like spending 4 hours on the bike (most days) I drive half way in and then leave the truck in a mall parking lot and ride the rest of the way in.

    Fortunately there are no shortages of Malls in Dallas and I have been able to move from an 8 mile one way, to a 10 to my current 15 mile ride. I get to go twice as long between fill ups that way. It might be something you could consider.

  2. says

    The two major bike paths here in DC, Mount Vernon Trail and Washington and Old Dominion can sometimes be just crazy with cyclist, rollerbladers, moms with SUB jogging strollers, joggers etc.

    I know many people who drive part way and then bicycle. I have bee commuting by bicycle for about 1 years. Just two years ago I decided to not only commute but try to do most of my errands, grocery shopping etc that is less than 5-6 miles by bike.

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