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Since I started this blog, I’ve become aware of lots of other blogs aimed at cyclists, and my feed reader contains a lot more than I list in the Blogroll. Reading them all keeps me busy.

But there are other web sites aimed at cyclists, too, that aren’t blogs. They might be news sites, or information sites, or picture sites, or something else altogether.

So — let’s compile some top-notch bicycling sites. What’s your favorite and why? Which ones do you read on a regular basis?

I’ll start. I like, the web site for Bicycling Magazine. While I have some complaints about the magazine (which I still read every month), I think the web site is terrific. Lots of equipment reviews, pro racing information, how-to articles — there’s a lot more than you can take in in a single sitting.

I’ve got a couple of other ideas, but I’ll hold off until I hear from you. (Include the URL in your comment, please.)


  1. says

    I don’t want to count the number of blogs that I have in my feed reader. I keep thinking I should trim back but I keep finding even more great blogs.

    My favorite site is Cycling News. It has short to the point news and rarely has fluff. VeloNews comes in 2nd. Also great coverage but more fluff.

  2. says

    I think ranks right up there for me. Pete writes some great articles and the transformation of his site over the last six months or so is amazing. Especially since he and Mrs. Pig have started their European Ride (dare I say European Vacation?) and you can follow along via Google maps on his site.

    I know there are many others but his immediately came to mind.

  3. says

    I think bicycling magazine is pretty much worthless. It is not quite as bad as it was a few years ago but I no longer pay for a subscription. I get a subscription for free now and then. I think it was about ten years ago they fired most of their writers and took a new approach. I find their style now to be aimed at the 20 something young male. The writing is often “in your face” and they don’t have the thorough articles they used to have.

    They also sell sex as much as give bicycling information.

    I like It has some very good information. I also am a member of Adventure Cycling and enjoy their magazine. It is a little specialized towards touring. Pick it up and read a copy and you will be motived to take up touring.

  4. Al says

    I agree with Red regarding – great site.

    As for news, it’s hard to get anywhere without running into Also, I really like – love the distractions 😉

  5. rainycamp says

    Oooh, some good stuff here!
    I expected we’d hear about Cycling News and Velo News.
    Bryan, technically, Cycle Pig wouldn’t count, because it’s a blog, and I’m looking for sites other than blogs — but I love Cycle Pig. (My wife says she’d knock my block off if I ever called her Mrs. Pig.)
    Al…oh, my.

    Keep ’em coming, everyone!

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