“Every ride must have a plan”

Regular readers of this blog have figured out that I’m a professor at a nearby university.  School is back in session now, and I’ve become concerned that full days at work will cut into my riding.

So today I made an effort to get home in time to sneak in a ride before supper.  I rode to the Veloway, where I connected with my friend David.  We set an easy pace down the trail.

After a lap of the track, chit chatting about stuff and such, he asked me a question: “What’s your plan for this ride?”

“What?” I asked.

“You’re training for a century.  Every ride must have a plan from here on out.  What’s your plan for this ride?”

“I don’t have a plan,” I said.

“Well, you’ve gotta start thinking about a plan for each ride.”

“You know,” I said, “I haven’t ridden since that ride Sunday with you.  I wanted to get out tonight to get some miles in.  I’m not thinking about intervals or hill work, or cadence — I just want to get in some miles.”

“OK.  That’s your plan,” he said.

Earlier, he had steered me toward some training plans for a century ride, archived online.  I bookmarked those sites, as well as some others I found in a search.  I’ll be poring over them in the next few days.  I’ve never approached a ride goal with a plan before.  But I will now.


  1. says

    If training and fitness is your goal then rides should have a plan.

    But sometimes it is also enjoyable to just get out and ride without a plan. Just let it evolve. I guess in a way that is a plan and is part of training for your mental and emotional health. The training of your soul which is part of what I love about bicycling.

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