Watching Hurricane Ike

Humans plan…God laughs.

This weekend is the Tour de Florence, an organized ride about an hour’s drive north of Austin, which features a 65-mile route. It’s just perfect as I train to ride a century next month. I’ve been registered for the ride for several weeks now, and have been looking forward to an interesting route in a part of the area I enjoy riding.

But Hurricane Ike is probably going to squelch my plans. As I write this, Ike has moved out of Cuba back into the Gulf of Mexico, and is expected to make landfall Friday night or Saturday morning along the Texas coast, likely between Corpus Christi and Brownsville.

That’s pretty far south of Austin, but the rain will make it up into our area. The forecast for Saturday calls for a 90% chance of rain. So even if Ike deviates from the projected path, we’re going to get wet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I think I’ll be doing my metric century as an unsupported ride some other day.


  1. says

    That sucks. Down here in Florida we see this a lot. TS Fay caused me to miss some riding a couple of weeks ago. I hope you guys weather the storm ok.

  2. says

    I’ve got my eye on it too. Yesterday morning, it was looking like a direct hit on Brownsville. Late yesterday, the predictions turned north. Best wishes to anyone that’s affected.

    Idea — put your bike on a trainer, and do a long ride while watching a movie. Keeps your body accustomed to riding. Good luck!

  3. rainycamp says

    I rode Rip Roarin’ last year — it’s a good ride, and almost the same course as the Armadillo. But this year, I’ll be in Chicago that weekend, and biking is not on the agenda.

  4. says

    I’ll be tied up the 27th as well with Scouts so the Rip Roar’n is out for me as well. Maybe the following weekend we (Jared, Noob and anybody else) can do a 100K. We could do the 100K route of the Outlaw Trail or even do the Florence route, but start on Parmer.

    Got a trainer? Like 331miles suggests we could convene in my garage in Cedar Park and put some miles on while watching Tour de France DVDs.

    The rain and wind (<45 mph) won’t detour me, however tornadoes and lightning are another story. It’s looking like we’ll get more hurricane like conditions.

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