What a week it’s been. First the crash Sunday, then rain Tuesday when I wanted to do my regular evening ride. I was late at the office both Wednesday and today. In other words, I haven’t been on the bike.

Soreness from the crash persists.  I’ve got a beauty of a bruise on my lower back where I landed on my cell phone, and my knee is tender.  Full range of motion has returned to my right arm and my neck, so I should be good to go.

I’m still managing to do bikey things, though. Tonight I thoroughly checked over the bike to make sure there were no funny noises. I cleaned the chain and the rear cassette. I inspected the tires for any cracks or cuts or other weak spots.  I cleaned the brake pads of gunk (there wasn’t much to speak of).

Why all the attention? My first-ever century ride is Saturday. I’ll be in the Outlaw Trail 100 in Round Rock, Texas. It’s an event I’m looking forward to. Weather around here has moderated some, and the forecast calls for a low of 54°F Saturday morning, but a warm up into the 80s during the day.  That should make for easier riding, I hope.  I’ll have the good, the bad, and the ugly here Saturday night.

On an unrelated note, I’m  happy to report that I was able to register for the MS150 Houston-to-Austin ride next April.  The field of 13,000 riders was filled in only six and a half hours.  Amazing.  Now, I’ll have to find a team.


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    I’m glad you got registered for the MS150! I’m registered as well…I need to find a team too. I think Team Taco Deli will let anyone ride with them. I have a friend that rides with another team and I’m going to see if I can get on with them. See you on Saturday!

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    Good luck Saturday! I’ll be interested to read your account of the ride and see how your training has worked out.

    13,000 for the MS150! Good Lord that’s a lot of riders! Our big event here, The Trek Across Maine, only attracts 2000+ riders, although that is a three day event.

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    Good luck tomorrow man… my first century is also tomorrow… Foxy’s Fall Century – starts in Davis, CA (just outside of Sacramento) and loops around Napa County and back.

    I’m nervous, haven’t had too much time on the bike… oh well!

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