Post-century soreness in unmentionable places

I got home from work and decided not to ride this evening. Tuesdays are the only day of the week I get home at a reasonable time, and can fit in a ride of an hour or so. My usual Tuesday routine is to head for the Veloway, and do several laps around the track. Five laps will give me a nice 21-mile round trip from the house and back.

But today when I got home (after stopping to cast my ballot in early voting) I thought twice about it, and decided not to go. The reason is simple. My taint hurts like someone kicked me there! On Sunday, I did an easy nine-mile recovery ride, and was very uncomfortable the entire way. Today, when I assessed the tender spot, it felt as though there was some bruising there. Can’t see anything, but I sure can feel it.

So — no biking for a few days. I’ll be out of town Friday and Saturday, and wouldn’t be able to bike in any case, but I’ll see how I feel on Sunday, and with any luck, I’ll be back in the saddle then.

Looking back, I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage of an item in the century ride’s goody bag — a one-use packet of Chamois Butt’r. I had made liberal use of my new favorite — Body Glide — before heading out to the century. But of course that stuff will wear off. If I had half a brain, I would have put the Chamois Butt’r in one of my jersey pockets, and used it at about the halfway point in the ride.

I know that some veteran riders will tell me to HTFU — but I’ve ridden 2,300 miles this year, and I think I’ve done enough saddle time that I ought to be hardened. Wonder if I need a new saddle? I’ve always liked the one that came with the bike, but lately, I get uncomfortable on it after an hour or so. Maybe I need a thorough professional bike fitting? I got the free (and rather cursory, in my opinion) fitting when I bought the bike. I’ve made some adjustments since then that seem to have improved things, but obviously, it’s not enough.

Well, time heals all wounds. I’ll take a few more days off, then hit the roads again.


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    As always, this is just my $0.02. Chamois cream is a lubricant. It prevents chafing, which prevents rawness, which prevents saddle sores. But it won’t help with a bruised taint. My guess is that it is a seat position issue.

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    I use the chamois butter but like 331miles said, it sounds like maybe a fit issue. I’m no expert but you might try and have it looked at as you suggested.

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    I’m with 331miles and Bryan on this one. Sounds like a fit issue. Thankfully my taint doesn’t hurt. However my saddle isn’t very comfy after about 50 miles…but no taint pressure. It’s all on my sit bones and surrounding tissue. Sounds like a fit or saddle issue.

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    I never use any of that stuff and never have any problems or just very minor when it comes to saddle related issues. One thing I am sold on is my bike saddle. There are somethings that haven’t really improved with technology. Give me my Brooks leather saddle anyday. I have gradually replaced all my saddles with the Brooks. Sure it weighs just a little more but what is 8 oz compared to the comfort of your back side and associated regions.

    The Brooks saddle fits so well that I can go ride for over an hour in just regular shorts with no problem.

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    I don’t use the stuff, either. I did a century without it and had no issues. I just read an article here where none other than George Hincapie himself states that he hardly ever uses it.

    I agree with Red and George – a good saddle and chamois can probably prevent 90% of the problem.

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    I like my Brooks too…but it took a while before it was kind to me! The first 200 miles were pretty brutal! But it’s getting very comfy. I regularly ride around in regular jeans these days. I don’t have one on my “light” bike just because I don’t ride it enough to really put in the time to break it in. Maybe I’ll get another one and break it in on my touring bike…eh…my butt hurts just thinking about it.

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