Another fall? You gotta be kidding

Raced home after work this afternoon to get in a ride before dark.  We have a cold front coming through tonight, and this might be the last warm weather ride I’ll have for awhile.

Did the usual run to the Veloway.  It’s an easy way to get in a quick 15, or 18, or 21 miles, depending upon how much time is available.  I’ve been bad this week — haven’t ridden since last Saturday.  I was looking forward to a few brisk laps around the course.

The Veloway is mostly flat.  But on the back side, about halfway around, there’s a short, but steep hill.  I hit the bottom of the hill at about 20 mph, and did a quick downshift to spin up the grade.

hillThe camera always flattens hills.  This one is much steeper than it looks.  I crashed near the top, on the left.

I must have shifted down more than one gear.  The pedals started spinning fast and free.  My right foot unclipped from the pedal, which caused the bike to lean left.  I lost control.  The front wheel went off the left side of the track, onto a sloping gutter.  No way to recover.

The scrape on my shin stings, but that's about it.
I'll be nursing a large scrape on my shin.

The bike went over on its left side.  I managed to stay almost upright, except that my right leg scraped across the front derailleur, and my left hand scraped the rocks along the track.  Otherwise, no endo — no major bruises.

I got the bike up and pushed it across the track, out of the way of any other riders who might be behind me.  A quick damage assessment found the handlebars knocked askew, and my nice bar tape was scuffed down to the bare metal — but not where my hand contacts it.

Once I straightened the bars and checked myself over, it seemed things weren’t too bad.  I hopped back on and finished a 15-mile trip (The crash happened just over four miles into the ride).  The bike rode fine.

I still can’t believe I lost it on this easy hill.  I’ve ridden the thing hundreds of times — and that’s just this year.  It just shows to go ya — you can never take things for granted.


  1. says

    Heal fast! Chicks dig scars :) I need to get back down to the Veloway one of these days…I’ve never ridden down there (only rollerbladed…and that was a LOOOOONG time ago!)

    – Jared

  2. rainycamp says

    Don’t worry, I’ve kept it clean and put ointment on it. Mrs. Noob and I did a 12-mile ride today in the wind, and it was fine. Stings, tho.

  3. says

    Oh man. I am sorry to hear about your fall. Glad you weren’t seriously injured, though. You did a good job falling in such a way as to minimize injuries.

  4. jag says

    OUCH! I fell halfway up on the right side by “forgetting” to downshift for some reason. I came to a dead stop and just tipped over in seemingly slow motion to my right, while frantically trying to get my LEFT foot out of my pedal, like that would have been any help at all. Luckily I was unscathed except for a few hidden bruises and I only roughed up my handlebar tape, but I felt like a TOTAL dork! I was more worried about my bike getting messed up than anything else.

  5. rainycamp says

    Isn’t it funny how we’re always guarding our bikes? My leg was damaged more in the crash than I first thought–it’s been seven days now, and the scrape isn’t showing any signs of healing. Stings like crazy.

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