Autumn doldrums

Yeah, I know, the doldrums are associated with hot weather, and it’s actually starting to get a bit cool around here now. But given the way my biking has been going over the last few weeks, I think I qualify for being in at least the biking doldrums.

I’ll blame it on my century ride. Leading up to that ride, I worked hard to put in the mileage that would allow me to finish it without struggling. I got stronger on hills, my endurance improved, my weight dropped (a little bit). It was fun to see how many miles I rode in a given month. I was in the mid-300s in July and August.

After the century, I no longer felt the urgency to get out and ride. I still tried to ride often, but found it easy to make excuses: Since the crash in October, I haven’t been motivated to go out on the Sunday morning rides with the club, Daylight Saving Time is ending, it’s getting chillier during the times I prefer to ride, I’m just not up for it today, etc. That’s really had an impact on my riding in November. My weight, too. I’m up about seven pounds.

After a 12-mile ride today, I made my usual visit to Bike Journal, where I entered my mileage figures. No 300 miles this month. My whopping total for November is 132. (At least I got out today. On Thanksgiving, we went to the fitness club where Mrs. Noob belongs, and I “rode” a stationary bike. Whoopee.)

Hey, I’m not Mr. Hardcore. I’ll get out there as the spirit moves me. I bundled up today to deal with a stiff wind. But I think I’m in the maintenance mode for awhile. Around February, I expect to step it up as I start getting ready for the MS 150 in April.  On the plus side, Austin’s winters are mild enough that we can get out on the bike all year around.


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    I hear you, I have been a lot less motivated lately as well. But here are a couple of points that help me with motivation sometimes.

    1. If I slack off too badly during the winter, it’ll take a long time in the spring for me to get up to speed again, and that’s no fun at all!

    2. Even if I have a hard time motivating myself to GET outside, once I do start riding, I always enjoy myself. I can’t think of a single ride, in any conditions, where I rode, but wished I hadn’t. I always have fun, once I get out there. So long as you have the right clothing, any weather can be riding weather.

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