White socks

Not the Chicago baseball team, the White Sox. No, rather, I was just musing about why I would even bother to buy white bicycling socks, when I know this is going to happen:


After today’s ride. Maybe some Stain Stick will take care of the problem. Maybe more care around the bike will eliminate the problem altogether.

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5 thoughts on “White socks

  1. For me, black is the new white. And if you think it’s bad with socks, *NEVER* buy bib shorts with any amount of white in them. One flat, and you’ll have grease all over them.

  2. You know, when I started biking, I thought all bike shorts were black for that reason. I was surprised to see that shorts are available in colors other than black. I know I’ll never wear them.

  3. I own one pair of white socks…they lasted one day out at Walnut Creek before they were pretty much destroyed. I mean functionally they still work as socks but they’ll never be “white” again! I use them for night rides…but any other time I wear black.

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