What to get?

I’m terrible when it comes to giving Christmas presents.  It takes me forever to come up with a good idea.  Sometimes, I’ll receive hints, or even outright demands, but they’re for mundane things that don’t resonate with me.  So I skip getting the thing someone wants, and get them what I think is cool.  Sometimes it works.  Often, it backfires.

So this year, I’m turning to you, the patient and forgiving readers of Bike Noob.  I need some biking-related gift ideas.  Now, I’m not going to run out and buy my friend’s brother-in-law a Pinarello Prince, so keep your suggestions within a reasonable price threshold.

To help generate some ideas, I’ll just toss out the suggestion (demand?) I gave Mrs. Noob:

cageNot the seat, or the seat post, but the water bottle cages.  I know, not very imaginative, but I want one.  What do you want, or suggest that I buy as a gift for my biking friend(s)?

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9 thoughts on “What to get?

  1. How about an Elite Maxi Cincio 1-liter water bottle filled with gels and bars? Great stocking stuffer.

    You can send me a Serotta any time. (Black, please)

  2. Cycling caps are nice, I like to wear mine at races, after group bike rides, and on my trainer. Your local store has them and Bianchi sells some cool looking ones on their web page. I am also always happy to receive food, or energy drink powder. also check out a bookstore, Barnes and Noble has a great selection of books from history to training guides and logs.

  3. How about a subscription to roadbikerider.com? Or maybe a club membership? I find lots of information from the UMCA at ultrcycling.com. Best of all they require no visits to the mall!
    Good Luck!

  4. This year all of our gifts are to charities. You might consider a donation to livestrong.com. If you go to fatcyclist.com you can donate and have a chance to win cool prizes.

  5. A good last minute, low budget gift idea: Take a roll of aluminum foil and convert all your friends’ bikes into scraper bikes.

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