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co2Here’s a minor milestone for the Bike Noob blog — there’s a new King of All Posts. “CO2 cartridges or a pump?” from July 29, 2008 has overtaken “Smoked by an Old Guy” from April 16.

“CO2” has racked up 1,082 page views, passing Smoked’s total of 1,078. Both posts got a little added push after I created the Favorite Posts tab at the top of the blog, but lately, I’ve watched CO2’s visits jump by as much as 30 a day to rapidly close the gap.

“Smoked By An Old Guy” has some sentimental value for me, because it was this post that made this blog catch on. Kent Peterson, the author of the popular “Kent’s Bike Blog,” spotlighted this story on his blog, and my daily number of page views surged. So once again, thanks Kent.

I appreciate the attention both posts continue to get, and I wonder: Are there still some unresolved issues about using CO2 cartridges as opposed to pumps? Let me know — I’m interested in what you have to say on the matter, and I’ll be happy to update everyone on where the sentiment lies.


  1. says

    My opinion is to go with a simple ‘crack pipe’ CO2 tool, like the Microflate Nano. It requires a threaded cartridge, but I’ve never accidentally burned a CO2 cartridge like I’ve seen others do with the pump/CO2 combo units. I have never carried a pump when riding, but carry a tube and 2 cartridges. CO2 has never left me stranded.

  2. tim says

    I am opposite of the first post. I have always had and used a pump. I feel it’s a much more eco-friendly option, b/c there are no cartridges to buy and throw out. I am not a competitive cyclist so I am never in a huge hurry when I get a flat. It only takes me about 15sec to air up a flat tire with the pump. And, with the pump you are not limited to the amount of air you have (just the number of tubes!).

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