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bicyclingmagAs I’ve mentioned previously, I have a  love-hate relationship with Bicycling Magazine.  Well, right now, I’m lovin’ it.  The March issue, pictured here, has a one-page feature on biking in Austin, Texas — my hometown.

One page can’t do justice to the variety of cycling in this area, but it does hit the high points.  The Veloway gets a mention, along with the twice-monthly time trial run on the Mopac loop that I frequently ride.  There’s a map of the Dam Loop, one of the classic Austin rides that takes the biker on an excursion through the Hill Country west of the city, and the 17-mile moolight ride that goes from midnight to 2 a.m.

This is all old news to many folks, because subscribers to Bicycling got their copies weeks ago.  But I buy mine from a magazine rack in a grocery store, if I happen to remember to swing by the magazine rack, so I get my copy quite a bit later than subscribers.  No big deal though — I’m just happy to see Austin get a nod from the people in Emmaus.


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    I saw it and I can’t believe the Austin Tri-Cyclists go down 2222. She does say to take the lane or go the 8 miles extra to Anderson Mill, maybe it’s safer in a group of 50. 2222 is 65 mph and there is no shoulder at all, there is no place to go but in the lane. Either go all the way to Anderson Mill or go through River Place. The only time I’ll venture onto 2222 is during the Hugel, and that was just the section from 620 to River Place. I’ll always cross over it from 620 and 4 points road over to River Place. Same with the section of 71 in Bee Caves, the better approach is to turn right onto Bee Caves Rd and then a left of Bee Caves Parkway, this will get you through the nasty stretch of 71 through Bee Caves. Not sure what this section is like anymore, but the last time I rode it there was no shoulder at all, now that the parkway is there use it.

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    I have never ridden the Dam Loop, for that very reason. When my club rides it, they take 2222 only as far as Riverplace as well. They also use the Parkway, although some will ride 71 from Southwest Pkwy all the way to Bee Caves Pkwy — not me.

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    Yes, I was pretty happy with this article. “Bicycling” seems to have finally decided there is more to Austin cycling than Lance Armstrong. I was extremely bummed to find out that that issue was the last one for Style Man though.

    I do ride the shorter 30 mile version of the Austin Tri-Cyclist ride, but I break before 71 onto Barton Creek Blvd. It’s much more challenging hill wise, and I’d just assume avoid 71 with it’s 65 MPH traffic and minimal shoulder. This does shorten the ride by about 5 miles, but I ride 5 miles to the ride anyway.

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