Happy Birthday to Bike Noob!

babybirthdayNever thought this would happen — but the Bike Noob blog is one year old today. I started the blog on a whim. Since I teach in a mass communication program, I figured I’d better have some hands-on experience with new media. The blog is one of several things I’ve tried.

I called the blog Bike Noob because at the time I started it, I had been engaged in “serious” road cycling for less than six months. I realized I was constantly learning new things, and often feeling like a doofus because a lot of those things are common knowledge among experienced bikers. I figured other bikers must be in the same boat, and through the blog, we could share common experiences.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the results of this modest venture. I average over 700 page views a week, and recently it’s been higher than that. Hardly major blog status, but at least I feel that I’m not blogging to an empty room. To those of you who have commented on my posts, you’re the folks who have kept this blog going. I love hearing from you, and I get a kick out of having become virtual friends with more than a few of you.

It has been somewhat bemusing to see what kinds of posts draw the most interest. Right now, it’s the debate over using C02 cartridges or a pump, followed closely by a post called “Numb toe home remedy.” The home remedy was where I slashed the side of my shoe to ease pressure on my toe. Didn’t work. Stop reading that post. It won’t help you.

Now that the Amgen Tour of California is in full swing, a lot of folks are revisiting “Those bike team names” from last July, during the Tour de France. I might have to update that; some new teams are riding the Tour this year, and some unfamiliar US domestic teams are in the Tour of California.

The biggest, and most gratifying surprise this blog has brought me is the number of readers I have from outside the United States. The UK and Australia check in every day with more than a dozen visits each. I can always count on seeing visitors from India and South Africa every morning. Lately, Bike Noob has been getting views from someone in Roubaix, France. Now there’s a biking city!

I’ve also had visitors from countries that are off our biking radar. Places like Bhutan, Myanmar, and Samoa have turned up in my SiteMeter stats. In all, there have been page views from 97 different countries. The most recent was Uganda, just last week. Thank you all for looking.

So, now that I’ve been around for a year, should I still call this blog Bike Noob? By most measures, I’m not a noob anymore. But every so often (see last post) I still manage to noobify myself. And I still think the focus of this blog should be on newer bikers. What do you think? As always, your comments are welcomed and valued.


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    Keep up the good work…and keep name/format the same! Haven’t considered myself a bike noob in years, but I find your blog very informative and interesting. I bet a lot of others who visit here are just like me.

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