Skid lids redux

To add to yesterday’s discussion of helmets, I’ll expand on the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute’s notion that a good bike helmet should be “smooth, hard, round, and slick.” The Institute says no one makes the ideal helmet, but one company that you never heard of — Hopus — makes some hard shell models that come close to what the Institute has in mind.

The reason you’ve never heard of Hopus is that it’s a Taiwanese company, and its helmets retail under different brand names.  However, they do have a web site, and you can look up what’s available in biking helmets.

Here’s one example.  It’s the Hopus A-8.


The Hopus A-8 from side, top, and back.
The Hopus A-8 from side, top, and back.

Hard shell, rounded, probably safe, definitely dorky.

So far, I’m happy with my modestly-priced lid.  I’ll keep it around until I absolutely must go out and get something with more “wow” quotient.  As long as my helmet meets CPSC standards, I’m content that it will do its job to the best of its ability.


  1. CR1 Rider says

    I use a Specialized S Works helmet, paid about $220 for it. Look, I know it is expensive but I do a lot of cycling, and I use it every time I ride. It is super comfortable with major vents, looks great and is very safe according to research. When I was a noob I used a cheap bell big five special, but I chose to spend more for quality. I also use Specialized BG S works shoes, they are great and expensive at about $200. The rotary boa lace system is unreal, no more dealing with velcro straps, and not to mention quick adjustments on the fly. I also use a Specialized Toupe saddle, I probably sound like I work for Specialized with all the mentions, but I believe they engineer high quality stuff. My bike is a Scott CR1 Pro, so no I don’t ride a Specialized.

  2. Sue M. says

    I ride a Huffy, in jeans and sneaks. Bell helmet from K-Mart for $15.99 (sale price) that has the adjusting headband. Original Huffy seat. Powerstrap pedals. 6000 miles on the bike so far…it’s 1 of 6 bikes I ride. I don’t dress to ride the bike…I ride the bike.

  3. trainingfromabarkalounger says

    Noob – I have a Giro Ionus ? Something like that. It was high end, but it was the only helmet I could fit my melon in a medium (I’m a fat head). Better the “dork factor” than splatting like pumpkin on the chip seal.

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