A “Top 50” blog?

Excuse me if I puff out my chest a bit, but I just got some fantastic news. Andreas, who writes the “London Cyclist” blog, put together a list of the Top 50 biking blogs in the world — and Bike Noob is number 50!

The rankings are based on Google Pagerank, Twitter Rank, Alexa Rank, number of comments and Technorati Authority. Maybe I’ll have to set up a Bike Noob Twitter account.

I regularly read a number of the blogs on the list, but there are a lot more to sample, and I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for the nod, Andreas!


  1. says

    Very nice! There are some awesome blogs in that list, yours included, and you should be proud.

    As an aside, I thought #40, Dave Moulton’s Bike Blog, was defunct. Turns out he’s still blogging! Adding it back to Google Reader….

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