Thinking of Fat Cyclist and Susan

Since I’ve begun blogging, one of my inspirations has been the Fat Cyclist. Despite the funny name, he’s been engaged in serious business — caring for his wife Susan, who is terminally ill with cancer.

While trying to look after her needs, along with those of their four children, Fatty (Elden Nelson) writes entertaining posts about his biking exploits and raises tons of money for cancer research.

His posts have been funny, sad, angry, hopeful. He writes one of the few blogs that can make me laugh out loud.

But the laughs will be muffled for awhile. Susan is slipping away.

They are in my thoughts.


  1. JJ says

    it’s a shame to see people get taken away slowly by cancer. Hats off to Elden, Susan and his family. I can’t even imagine how i would be able to get through something like that.

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