Holidays and Food

I had a nice 36-mile club ride this morning. Well, it was nice when it ended, anyway. For most of the ride, it was chilly, foggy, and wet. But all that has nothing to do with the point of this post.

When I got home and finished taking a hot shower, I hopped on the bathroom scale. The scale is obviously not working right. It shows me five pounds heavier than my normal weight has been lately.

That’s right, blame the scale. I know I went overboard over Thanksgiving weekend, and I haven’t exactly been counting calories since then. In fact, I never count calories. I let the riding control my weight.

But it’s winter now, and even in Texas, the weather has been foul enough to keep me from riding regularly. And with Christmas coming up, I can look forward to another weekend of food, food, and more food (and it’s all so good!).

So I’ll have to take some steps to monitor my food intake and rejuvenate my exercise routine. The eight-day forecast isn’t very promising. More rain, and chilly temperatures. I’m not sure how much riding I’ll get in, although I’m really going to make an effort.

For starters, I think I’ll simply try to reduce my portions and cut out snacks. I have a bad habit of raiding the fridge after 10 p.m. so I can munch something while watching TV.

That’s worked in the past, if I stick to it. What kinds of weight control strategies will you be using this year?


  1. says

    This is one area where we are better off in Australia. Here at least, Christmas falls in summer, so the sunny warmer days let you cycle off all that Christmas excess! Although, as with Texas, it can get too hot some days!

    • says

      Don’t know about you Andrew, but I’m having trouble getting out on the road at the moment. It’s stupidly hot up here in Wagga most days and so if I’m not in the saddle by 8am, it’s not going to happen.

      Add to that all of the extra party food running around at this time of yeat and it’s a struggle to keep the waistline in check. Although if it was freezing outside, it’d be even harder!

  2. mildstallion says

    Focus on quality, not quantity. At the various festive gatherings, I try to grab stuff from the veggie platter first so I don’t lunge for the goodies too early and often. Also, eating something before you go helps control the volume as well.

    Another tactic is to stay away from where the food is. I try to socialize away from the kitchen. ut of sight (mostly) out of mind.

  3. says

    I mostly South Beach it (when I’m not gnoshing on pizza or mexican food). I’ll eat on Christmas day (family dinner thingy) and not feel guilty as long as I’ve been “good” the rest of the time. I too have put on 5 pounds since the time change. Bleah.. And to think I was considering happy hour at Johnny Carinos’ tonite (1/2 price pizzas!).. hmm.. mebbe I’ll rethink that.

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