Christmas at the Veloway

I’ve written often about the Veloway in Austin, a three-mile track dedicated to bikers and inline skaters. Over the last week, my wife and I have noticed these nice touches:

Someone took the time to decorate four small cedar trees along the route. Passing them brings a smile to the face.


  1. says

    >>Passing them brings a smile to the face.

    Yes! I’d imagine the gang at/of The Hill Country Inline Club is prolly behind this, along with the Easter baskets and Halloween stuff & not to mention the glorious new shaded bench/lounge area recently added (to which I contributed $7.58, or some likewise odd amount) Hey, it was whatever was left in my paypal account at the time and it got me noticed by Nicole since it was such an oddball amount.. lol..

    [shameless plug][/shameless plug]

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