New Year’s Goals

Forget resolutions. I usually break mine within a week, anyway. Instead, I’m going to recap 2009 through my biker’s eyes, and look ahead to 2010.

2009 stats:

  • Total miles: 3,053
  • Avg. speed:14.9
  • Highest avg. speed on a single ride: 17.2 mph
  • Highest maximum speed on a single ride: 39.2 mph
  • Longest single ride: 77 miles
  • Avg. ride distance: 21.6

2009 Recap:

The highlight of the year is total distance ridden. I topped 3,000 miles for the year, 375 miles more than last year. That would be like adding a 13th month of riding to my 2008 totals, so I’m pleased that I got more saddle time in. I didn’t do a century in 2009. As you’ll recall, the first day of the MS 150 was cancelled, and the second day was 77 miles. That was the longest ride distance I had all year. Many of the stats are down a fraction from last year. Average speed fell from 15.1 to 14.9, highest avg. speed fell from 17.65 to 17.2. But my avg. ride distance is up, from 20.6 to 21.6 miles per ride. If I step back and put it all into perspective, 2009 was nothing to crow about. But if I look a little deeper, I know that my stamina is up, my hill climbing has improved, and I feel better about my ability on the bike. I’m more at home in the saddle.

2010 Goals:

I don’t have a lot, which is probably wise. The ones I do have will challenge me both on and off the bike:

  • Ride the MS 150 Houston-to-Austin, this time completing both days.
  • Ride the Hotter ‘n Hell Hundred in Wichita Falls, Texas, next August.
  • Learn bike maintenance, and diligently maintain my bikes.
  • Expand my riding horizons by riding new routes in new areas.
  • Get my weight below 200 pounds.

I’m embarrassed about that last goal. Last year at this time, I indicated that I would work on dropping 30 pounds. But I finished the year at almost exactly the same weight as I finished last year with, so I obviously didn’t take the goal seriously. But the other day, I tried on a pair of trousers I got as a Christmas gift, and was stunned to find they didn’t fit in the waist. Two months ago, they would have.

The third and fourth goals are not specific or measurable, but they’re personal goals, and I’ll know if I’ve met them to my satisfaction.

Now, we’ll see how life cooperates, and whether it throws any roadblocks in my way. I’ll be helping my wife start a new business, and I have some things coming up in my own work that will make 2010 challenging. But I suppose all of us face challenges with each coming year. Here’s hoping you are able to surmount yours.


  1. says

    Your goals tickled me, for mine are the exact same thing minus MS150 (especially number 5) and my riding stats are similar except I only made it about 1800 miles last year. Good luck this year and thanks for blogging.

  2. Kenneth Jones says

    Your goals are very similar to mine. I wish is both well. I am trying to trick myself into some measure of accomplishment by calling them Actions rather than goals. Old fat man needs a gimmick, I guess. Look for me at the MS 150 – I will be easy to find – I will be the slowest rider at the very back of the pack – the beauty of it is, I really don’t care anymore – I just take my sweet time and the “goal” is to finish. Happy New Year and again, good luck!

  3. says

    Resolution #1 – get a new bike. Aiming for $1200 road bike (perhaps something Trek-ish?)
    Resolution #2 – go cash only (includes *not* using American Express or debit card.)
    Resolution #3 – join Circle C club (thanks Matt!) and learn to ride a in pack.
    Resolution #4 – actually *ride* at The Driveway.

    Similar resolutions apply for mountain biking, including racing for the first time in almost 15 years.

    • says

      You realize that if you join the Circle C club you’ll be riding with me! Look forward to meeting you. (I love your “go cash only” resolution. I’m not ready for that yet.)

  4. RamonH says

    Goal #1 : To break 3,000 miles this year. I did not start to ride until March/April last year, so I only managed to put in 2,500 miles on the road bike with the late start.

    Goal #2 : To complete my first century ride (100-miler). This one has been avoiding me since the century rides in my area are few and far between. The next century is coming up in mid February and I have been training hard during the off-season for it.

    Goal #3 : Ride and complete the MS 150 Houston-to-Austin. Look out for me as well 😀

    I would not worry too much about your weight goal. I started riding in March/April of last year, 2500-miles later, I lost a whole 7 lbs. I did lose tons of bulk though and my blood pressure is at the lowest it has been in years.

  5. says

    Impressive set of goals for the new year! It’ll be tough to keep those riding, training and weight loss goals while trying to learn and be dilligent about maintenance, but here’s a book I’ve found extremely helpful over the years: – It’s to “Zinn and The Art of Road Bike Maintenance” by Lennard Zinn. It’s a classic, and it was just updated 6 months ago.

    Good luck and happy riding in twenty-ten!


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