CO2 vs. Pump – Hincapie Chooses a Pump

Sharp-eyed guest poster Don Blount came across an interesting tidbit, and offers it up for discussion:

This image was on the VeloNews Web site in a photo gallery of George Hincapie’s new training bike. In this closeup you can see what appears to be a Blackburn air pump attached to the frame beneath the water bottle cage.

After investigating further it appears to be the Blackburn Air Stik 2stage. (If my guess is off, please correct.) According to the Blackburn Web site, the Air Stik 2stage pumps to a maximum 160 psi. That would certainly take care of my tires.

Now if one of the top racing pros carries an air pump on his training bike, why wouldn’t everyone else? Given that, I’m sticking with CO2, at least until I run out of cartridges.


  1. John Z says

    A pump is more “green” and reliable. Plus, it weighs less. The Lezyne air pump is great, as it has a hose so you don’t have to struggle with the valve.

  2. says

    I carry both. I bring along a CO2 for speed and convenience, but I’ve had one fail catastrophically on me, so now I carry a pump as well. A little light carbon fiber one just like George’s.


  3. RamonH says

    I always carry a pump with a gauge on it. I rarely ever use it, however, I constantly loan it out to the CO2 folks, once they are depleted. I should probably start charging for “air” fairly soon 😀

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