Don Blount Crashes!

In a sling with ice.

Don Blount, who frequently guest posts here on Bike Noob, is the worse for wear today. He was riding his first century yesterday, the Sunrise Century in Lodi, California, when his front wheel caught in some railroad tracks that arc across a road he was on. Don went down and broke his wrist.

“I have an ulna skyler fracture of my left wrist and maybe torn ligaments,” he wrote in an email to his bike club. “This is my second wrist fracture in 9 months, altho this one is much worse. [Note: same wrist.]

“The first kept me off the bike for 3 weeks. With this one I’ll be fortunate to be back in 6 weeks.┬áBoth falls occurred when my wheel got caught. I’ll have plenty of time to figure it out.”

Rotten luck, Don. And just when the nice summer biking weather is hitting. Here’s hoping you have a speedy recovery and are back on the bike soon.


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    Sad news! I enjoy reading Don’s work, his posts are insightful and make for a pleasant read. Here’s to hoping for a good recovery and safe rides in the future!

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