When Someone Yells

Lately, it seems that I’ve been grumbling a lot to myself about drivers on the road — and how little they seem interested in sharing it. I don’t usually act on my frustration, although I have been known to shout (not that they can hear me when their windows are all rolled up), or flip the bird.

That’s probably not the best way to cope when you think you’ ve been done wrong by a motorist, though. A better way (at least, a more mature way) is suggested in this comic I just came across online. Take a look and see what you think:

Click to embiggen.

Original version available here.

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4 thoughts on “When Someone Yells

  1. I wave at them myself, and when in company of other cyclists I utter something similar to this: “Bless you, my child. May you get to your destination safe and sound”. I do this because it calms every one down in the cyclist group and it dissolves the tension. This way we can continue to focus on enjoying our ride :)

  2. Ha ha, this is funny. In Ireland here we usually show them the finger (yeah, I know it’s bad but just the way we are… :)

    I like the idea of getting a song stuck in their head. The flasher thing ….. hmmm …. not sure about that one … hah!

    Cheers for making me laugh this morning.

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