A Little Reader Participation, Please

Back in February, I pledged to me more interactive on this blog — to do a better job of engaging my loyal readers. I don’t know that I’ve actually lived up to that pledge. But now, I’ve got an idea. Actually, I stole the idea, which is where most of my good ones come from. (Thank you, Fatty.)

I’d like to ask the readers of Bike Noob to contribute a post on a specified topic. In keeping with the focus of this blog, the topic is: What is the most important thing you’ve learned about cycling?

I know most of you have interesting takes on that — probably more interesting than anything I could come up with.

But here’s the challenge: I’m not looking for anything that will fit on your 140-character Twitter feed. I’d like a full-blown blog post. That means something between oh, 400-600 words.

To help you fill that kind of space, here are some tips:

  • Tell how you came across the tip. Is is something you discovered yourself?
  • Relate an anecdote about making use of the tip yourself
  • Dialog (using quotes) is a good way to pad your story and to add interest at the same time

I will edit your post for grammar and spelling, and perhaps correspond with you by email if I feel the need for some additional details.

Send the story via email to rainycamp AT yahoo DOT com. (Use the conventional @ and . in the address.)

Pictures are welcome. Preferably .jpeg or .png files, although I can work with most anything.

Include a picture of yourself. A head shot, so people can see you, or a shot of you on your bike, and/or in riding kit, or not — as you wish. I’ll probably shrink this down.

Include a short bio. What city you live in, occupation (optional), riding preferences (road, mountain, commuting, etc.), how long you’ve been riding, what you ride (make and model of bike).

I usually post on Bike Noob on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I’m not planning to run all the submissions consecutively, but will probably sprinkle them among my regular posts. So it might be awhile before your submission makes you a famous Bike Noob blog contributor.

I’m kind of excited by this. My inbox is empty and waiting.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Reader Participation, Please

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