Time to Ride

I graded my last final projects, turned in the grades to the Registrar,and am now officially done with school this semester. With time on my hands, what do you suppose I’m going to do? I’m going to ride.

That is, I’m planning to ride. I picked up my bike from my neighborhood mechanic today after leaving it in his hands overnight. He says the shifting problems I’ve been having are the result of some corrosion on the derailleur. In other words (unspoken) I do a lousy job of keeping the grime off my bike. He’s right, of course. I did a thorough cleaning job Sunday before running it over to him, but he can always manage to find a Ray-induced problem area.

Anyhow, the bike is back and shifts like a champ. But I didn’t ride today, because the late afternoon was a heavy overcast, it could rain any minute, and my wife had some honey-dos for me to take care of. Unfortunately, the rest of the week looks just as yucky, with rain predicted right to to the weekend. But temperatures will be mild.

So I’ll probably be getting in some wet weather riding. But I’ve gotta do it. I want to maintain my level of fitness (or should I say, recover my level of fitness) to start putting in some decent rides come spring.


  1. Bintang says

    I share the sentiments: it’s raining hard at the moment, but I feel like going out for a ride in order to maintain my level of fitness. What do you wear to protect you against the rain?

  2. Tim says

    In addition to either too much cable tension or a poorly adjusted limit screw you should check the derailleur for dirt, grime and corrosion….oops…

    “protect against rain”? isn’t it just water?


  3. says

    Yeah, it’s 72 degrees here as I write this, so I’m going to get in a ride. No need to “protect” yourself on a day like today. I’m just wearing my regular cycling jersey and shorts. They’ll be soaked, but so what?

    • Bintang says

      Ah yes, it’s a wee bit colder here in the Netherlands – it’s about 40 degrees, it’s raining and windy. Getting soaking wet is therefore not really an option. I have, however, problems choosing the right clothes: a jersey with a rain jacket feels too hot, and a jersey alone will not suffice. I should have elaborated more!

  4. Andres says

    I’m done grading tomorrow. The first thing I plan to do is get a massage. I don’ know about you, but my grading arm (shoulder) gets so tight that it’s painful. Yup, a good massage, a stretch, and then I’ll be thinking about riding in this mild, rainy weather, too.

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