Waiting to Ride

My Facebook fracas was resolved, and I’m now back on, thank goodness. I can’t imagine how I would live without Facebook for more than eight hours. What a hole that would put in my life…

Okay, let’s get back to biking. Except that I can’t. On Friday, I do a neighborhood ride I’ve dubbed the “Friday Niter.” (Which means I do it late in the afternoon, while there is still plenty of daylight.) Today I was looking forward to doing the Friday Niter during the day. I had a dentist’s appointment in the morning, and I’d brought work home, so I could do what needed to be done in the comfort of my living room. It turned out to be a perfect day to work in the living room, because with a steady rain throughout the day, there was no way I would get to do my Friday Niter. I’ll just have to wait for my Saturday morning ride.

That’s another neighborhood ride, but it’s longer than the Friday Niter, and includes some hill work. But with all the rain today, I decided I’d better check the forecast to see what kind of weather is expected. Rain again. Maybe it will clear up in the afternoon. That’s what the forecast says. But I know I still have lots of work around the house to do, so even if the rain does stop, I might be too busy to take a break and ride for almost two hours. So the Saturday ride is iffy.

That leaves Sunday. That’s the regular club ride morning. The A ride will go south on an out-and-back course that could cover anywhere between 45-58 miles. It’ll still be pretty chilly when the ride leaves at 8:15, but the day is supposed to warm up to 60 or so. I’m tempted to head out with them, because while I know I’ll be dropped after several miles, I need to get some distance under my wheels and ride longer than I’ve been used to lately.

But one of our friends posted a B ride in the Hill Country that would leave later, at 9:30 a.m. It’s not going to go as far as the A ride — not by a long shot. But it will be a social ride, because a former member of our group who moved out of town is coming back for a ride. So — go long or go with friends? I suppose that’s a good problem to have.


  1. Jeff A says

    Really? Need to get some miles? I just looked you up on BikeJournal and felt pitiful I finally hooked up with the Club that I joined for a Saturday morning pick-up ride. There were only three of us, but we went and did 29 miles of hills. It was my longest ride of 2012, and I was feeling pretty good until I saw your total…. I agree with your commenters above…go with friends.

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