Kitted Out

Okay, some of you have sent in pictures of your club kit — the matching jerseys and ancillary gear you wear on your club rides. Today, I’ll start featuring some of these from time to time.

The first examples come from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

This is from Team McAllen, the home club of our friend Ramon H. (That’s not Ramon in the shot — either on the left or the right). A nice orange-yellow gradient into the white, so the club’s name can be easily read. What you can’t see on the guy’s shorts is that the pale green stripe on the left leg is spotted with darker green palm trees in silhouette. Like many clubbers, Ramon says he only has the jersey–no bibs. However, he says he does try to wear the jersey whenever he’s out on club rides.

Ramon, you’ll recall, is one of the ringleaders of the 5 a.m. bike rides in the Valley. “We usually organize a weekend ride just with the folks in that group,” he says, “as opposed to riding with the local cycling clubs.  Yes, there are talks of coming up with a jersey design just for this.” 😀

Ramon also sent along a picture of another Valley club’s kit:

It’s the Sports Federation of the Valley. Between them and Team McAllen, it appears the Valley has some spiffy looking cyclists!

What? You think your club has a better-looking outfit? Well, put your picture where your mouth is. Send shots of you, or your fellow riders, all decked out, to rainycamp AT yahoo DOT com. I’d love to feature y0u, too.


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