Next Time You’re Down About Biking, Watch This

We’re in the middle of the Tour de France, but as you might have heard from the commentary, many riders are already pointing toward the 2012 Olympics. Among them are athletes going for the paralympic games, for disabled athletes.

I didn’t realize cycling is a paralympic sport, but a documentary is in the works to spotlight a group of Spanish cyclists in training for the games. Some segments of the documentary have already been made, and the cameras will follow the Olympians as they try for gold.

The documentary is called “Imparables,” or “Unstoppables.” A press release says the documentary will tell the story of a group of “amazing, passionate, fun loving, dedicated and socially committed cyclists who call themselves the ‘Pirates Team.’” Led by Juanjo Méndez and Raquel Acinas, the doc follows them as they train, participate and return home from the 2012 London Paralympics. Take a look at the linked clips. I’m never going to complain again about being too hot, or too cold, or lacking energy on the bike. The riders and their coach are from Barcelona, so they speak Catalan. The clips are subtitled in English.

The documentary crew is looking for sponsorships to finish their work, and they’re turning to social media to do so. The more unique visitors they get to the clips, the better their chances of finding those sponsorships. So watch the videos, and “like” their Facebook page, If you can refer your friends to these pages, their visits will help, too.


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