Heavy Riding Months, Light Riding Months

Been off the bike again this week. That’s the second week in a row. I had been doing so well this year, racking up miles like crazy, on track for a personal mileage record for the year.

Then October hit.

It should be one of my higher mileage months. The weather, while still warm around here, is moderating. I already set a personal best on a nearby hill, simply because it was cool enough when I rode it to keep from heavy sweating and overheating on the way up. October is a time when you can pull out all the stops, because the temperatures are once again in the reasonable zone.

I’ve ridden 50 miles in October. Yup, that’s it — 50.

Wha’ happened?

Well, I had this mechanical, if you remember. My derailleur hanger broke, and took out my derailleur with it. Then, after I borrowed a friend’s bike, it flatted and I didn’t want to risk another flat farther from home. Then, it rained on the only weeknight of the week that I can ride after work.

And an odd thing happened — I don’t feel that I have to be on the bike more often. It occurred to me earlier today that this impromptu hiatus from riding is a good thing. It’s giving my body a rest. It’s easy to push yourself too hard and tire yourself out. I certainly won’t be doing that this month. And another thing — since I’m not riding as much, I’m not thinking about riding as much. I don’t call up the collection of biking blogs I read every day to find out who’s posted something new. I’m concentrating on some additional things at work that I hadn’t been involved with and that are adding some interest to the day in, day out of my job.

I am looking forward to the weekend. I do want to get on the bike again, but I won’t feel it’s necessary to rack up a bunch of miles to make up for lost ground.

But come November…


  1. Jack says

    I’ve had several months lie this! July was normal, August and September milage down 2/3’s . October looks like it will be about 1/3 short on milage. Have gained a few pounds and haven’t been eating right during these months. Motivation! Am suffering, at my age if I don’t ride consistently I loose a lot of my capability. Good luck.

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