Blah Time

As noted in the last post, I’ve been dialing back on my riding. Compared to last January, when I rode over 400 miles, I’ll be lucky to get in 250 this month. However, that’s not all bad. Riding easier will give me a chance to recharge my batteries, and be better ready to go when the rides I really want to do pop up in the spring.

Problem is, I’ve hit one of those periodic bumps in the road. Not only will I ride easier, but it appears I might have a little trouble riding at all.

This morning saw a cold front sweeping through Central Texas. It dipped into the upper 30s overnight, and when I got up, it had barely reached 40 degrees (4C). I can ride at 40, but along with the temperature, a gusty wind was shaking the trees. Our club ride was scheduled for 8 a.m., but I really didn’t feel motivated to ride.

I decided to pass on the club ride, and settled down in my easy chair with the morning paper and some breakfast. I could wait it out until later, and maybe go when it got a little bit nicer.

I had plenty to keep me busy. The spring semester at my university starts Monday, and I still had to put some finishing touches on one of the classes I’m teaching. After breakfast, I parked myself in the home office and started working on that.

Before long, it was after noon. Lunch time. I had a sandwich and a pear, and sat down to watch some playoff football. Then my wife told me I had to visit the supermarket, or there would be nothing to eat tonite.

I wrestled my cart through the crowded aisles, and finally was able to check out. It turned out I only forgot to get one item — pretty good. But by now, it was after 3 p.m. I sat down at the computer for some more class prep.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Noob decided conditions were just right for biking. She got suited up, and took off without me. I let her go.

So that was my exciting day. I consider Sunday to be my long mileage day of the week, and today I racked up a big goose egg.

But somehow, as surprised as I am about this event, it’s not bothering me. I’ll ride again during the week, maybe more than once, and that will make up for today’s miss. But what does bother me is when I have a “don’t care” attitude toward biking. Here’s hoping I can snap out of that sooner rather than later.


  1. says

    It’s just the cold weather. Our groups have missing way more rides than normal because riding in temps below 50F is downright not a lot of fun. Wait till the warm temperatures return :)

  2. says

    I’ve had a few times like that myself, where I start to feel indifferent to whether I cycle or not. I usually just wait it out – after a little while I start craving it again!

  3. Midland says

    I’m in the same boat as you. I chalk it up to the post holiday blues & weather. I have learned to just wait it out & treat this down time as a break to let the batteries re-charge naturally.

  4. says

    Well when the day starts out at -4 F and is mostly cloudy and there’s still a trace of snow on the roads, I get the same feeling my friend! :) Haven’t ridden in 4 days and I’ve been mope’in around and feel like a sloth. Ya, I’ve got a exersize bike, I’ll “force” myself on that Klingon Torture Device sometime today but not yet! :)

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