Riding When I Want To

Not a great riding weekend. I look forward to the weekends, because lately I have not been able to squeeze in a ride during the week. Late Friday afternoon, then, is something I wait for all week long.

I got out for a 20-miler Friday, and anticipated a longer ride Saturday. But Saturday morning dawned overcast and misty. The roads were wet. I decided to wait until conditions got better.

They never did. In fact, they got worse. It never really rained, but the mist got heavier. I decided to forget about riding, and wait for Sunday.

The Sunday forecast called for rain in the morning, but according to the weather radar, that had passed through the area about an hour before I woke up. Again, the streets gleamed with light reflected from standing water. I decided I wouldn’t be doing the club ride at 8.

It amused me to see how panicked some of my fellow club members got over the weather. The 8 a.m. ride was delayed until 9:30. The Yahoo board lit up with posts from people debating whether to go on the planned ride (about 55 miles into a very hilly suburb to the west) or do something flatter and potentially safer. Then some folks decided to go at 10 instead of 9:30. I leaned back in my easy chair to drink some coffee and read the paper.

I guess everyone got out all right. I rode with my wife at about 2:30 p.m., when the temperature had risen to 67 degrees (19C) and the roads had dried off. Ever notice that 67 in February is much cooler than 67 in June? It’s true. I was underdressed on our ride, and downright chilly pedaling into a light wind from the north. When my wife turned into our neighborhood, instead of peeling off to put in some more miles, I went with her.

So my mileage for the month is way down, what with one-and-a-half rides this weekend. You know what? I don’t care. We enjoy good biking weather here year around, and if this weekend wasn’t so great, I know great ones are just around the corner. From here on out, I’ll take advantage of that, and ride when I feel like riding. That means I’ll skip some days because they’re too cold for me (on that day, anyway), and other times, I’ll be first to show up for a ride in even colder weather. I’ve decided to skip riding during rain, and even in wet conditions after the rain. Call me a wuss, if you like. I enjoy my bike too much to ever feel like I’m forced to ride.


  1. Midland says

    I hear you, I also live in a place with great cycling weather and find it hard to get going when it’s in the 40’s. I have learned to just save it up for the nice times.

  2. says

    Here in North Yorkshire we are dreaming of 67 degrees. It will be a few month off yet. I cycled on Saturday 3C but sunny, and on Sunday 1C raining and trying to snow. If you dont ride in the dad weather here your never going to ride, but I do envy your weather. Also enjoy the blog.

  3. says

    Agree, sure you can play Ironman and ride in the crud but let’s be honest, bicycling is BEST when it’s sunny, mild wind and 70F+. Sure since I’m car-free I have to ride for food, etc. when it’s CHILLY here in So. Colorado but I’d prefer it to be warm! Utility riding in the COLD is one thing, trying to strut your manhood tough guy image riding a bicycle in the crud is, well DUMB! Jmho, ymmv, have a most excellent day!

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