A Bike Noob Milestone

No, I didn’t set a King of the Mountain on Strava. Nor did I do a personal best for mileage in one day. What I did do was survive.

Today is the Fifth Anniversary of the Bike Noob blog.

When  I started the blog, I never thought it would last this long. Instead, I figured I’d lose interest and fold the whole thing within the first year. But, like a bad penny, I keep turning up.

It’s been a labor of love. I look forward every week to Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings, which is when I write the entries. Sometimes, I sit down at the keyboard with nothing to say. I force myself to crank something out, and often, that post generates more page views and comments than others that I thought had more substance. That’s something I haven’t done well here — really understand my audience.

But I know we all share an interest in riding our bikes, so I hope we can keep up this back-and-forth for another full year. Thanks to you all.

And thanks to my guest bloggers, Jeff Hemmel and Don Blount. Each brings a distinctive point of view to their contributions, and Bike Noob is made richer for their work.

To celebrate this anniversary, I’ve decided to perk things up a bit, so I’ve added a new look to this blog. Hope you like it. I’m not a flashy guy, and it’s not a flashy look, but it’s clean and minimalist, and that fits my personality.

And now, after a 38-mile ride in some tough wind, and an emotionally draining season finale to “Downton Abbey,” it’s time to get to bed, so I can do some more riding and writing later this week.


  1. Jeff A says

    Congratulations, Bike Noob. I first started reading your blog about a year and a half in, but went back and read thru the archive to get grounded.

    Another thing that clubs/riders can do: our club (Highland Rim Bicycle Club) adopted about 2.5 miles of a local road that we always ride. So last Saturday morning when it was too cold to ride (26 degF), we got about 14 folks together and cleaned up our road.

  2. says

    A big ‘WOOT’ and huge congratulations are in order. This site was instrumental when I got started in the world of cycling and many of the lessons have definitely left an imprint on the cycling-sphere. Thank you for your time and dedication. Definitely looking forward to many more posts and many many many more debates (CO2 vs. frame pump, carbon vs. steel, apple vs. orange, pepsi vs. coke, etc) 😀

    Your friend in the deep south Texas region


  3. says

    Congratulations! Thank you once again for the very informative and entertaining reads. You are definitely on my “must read” list of bloggers.

    BTW, I hope this comment doesn’t go to your spam section. Akismet claims all is well, so we shall see!

  4. says

    Congratulations! Five years is a lot of writing. I’m a recent subscriber, have read many of the archives, and never miss a new post. I appreciate your contributions and have already learned several things from you. Keep writing and riding.

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