Road Kill

I’m looking forward to our B ride this Sunday. I’ll be going back to Dripping Springs, one of my favorite places to ride, and a place I haven’t ridden in months — since early fall. We’ll be going up and down some mild hills, riding on lightly-traveled country roads, and we’ll probably see some wildlife.

With luck, that wildlife will be alive. Last Sunday, we got out in the country south of Austin, and we passed not one, but three dead skunks on the roadside. That’s a lot, even for around here.

Of course, we’ve seen all sorts of road kill in the past. Armadillos are common in Texas, and then there was the carcass of a deer, picked nearly clean by the turkey vultures that are as common here as robins in the Midwest.

I’ll spare you the experience of looking at pictures of these remnants of car-animal encounters — even if I take along a camera, that’s not the kind of thing I’m big on photographing.

And it occurs to me that this winter has been a light one for road kill. Before last weekend, I don’t think I’d seen anything for at least a month or so.

Are the roads in your area coated with road kill?


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    We have been seeing 5+ new dead skunks on our weekly ride to Llano. Three would seem like a famine of sorts for us. Deer also get whacked a lot and the feral hogs are becoming big issue as well. Not many ‘dillos on our roads recently. They and the hogs are digging up my yard so much that they have to time left to lollygag around the highways.

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    When I first saw dripping springs I got excited then I thought you can’t ride a bike there the trail is all gravel. Then I realized it not the dripping springs in Las Cruces. Silly me. I have been only riding in the city so far but have come across some dead birds. My goal is to soon be able to ride out in to less populated areas. We do have skunks and the raccoons out here as well as little red foxes.i I got rid of my car so my start and stop point is my house. I am up to almost 10 miles a ride. Working on doing more. Geesh you ask a simple question and I go nuts. Sorry.

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