Mid-Week Stutters

I was looking forward to my time off from school, so I could finally start building up some decent mileage and get myself in shape for the rest of the summer’s riding. But the best laid plans, as they say…

I spent most of Tuesday in Houston on business with my wife. Got back too late to ride.

Then, rain popped up this morning. After my last fall, I must admit, I’ve wimped out. I will no longer ride in the rain.

So, my big ride plans have stumbled somewhat. In the meantime, I can find some amusement in the plans of other members of my club.

There’s a good organized ride coming up Saturday — the Real Ale Ride. I’ve ridden it once, and volunteered for it once. It’s a great ride, but in my opinion, has gotten overpriced. However, a contingent from the club are heading out there.

One of the ladies, in particular, was making big plans. She wanted to do the 100-mile version, but learned that the longest route is 85 miles. Not to be stymied in reaching her mileage goal, she immediate upped it — to 150 miles.

Her plan is to ride the 85 miles. Then, she’ll start the course again — this time taking the 65-mile route. Or, maybe turn around at the finish, ride back for 32.5 miles, then turn around and ride to the finish again. What?

“150 miles on a road bike is not really that long,” she said. “I’ve done longer on a mountain bike.” She’s looking for others to join her in her quest.

So far, no takers.


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    All this talk of mileage… I can remember going into my local bike shop looking for a new machine after getting serious (so I thought) about cycling, and telling the guy that I was regularly doing 10 – 12 miles after work. I couldn’t understand why he was so unimpressed…

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