Catch ’em With This Helmet

If you’ve already seen this, my apologies. But I think it’s an interesting way to make sure you’ve got the evidence if you get hit by a car while on a ride, or just to deal with a driver harassing you. It’s intended to get the drop on hit-and-run drivers, which we’ve seen far too many of lately. Called the “Helmet of Justice,” it runs about $300.


I think its looks leave a lot to be desired, but it does have seven — seven! — video cameras. That ought to provide enough visual documentation.


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3 thoughts on “Catch ’em With This Helmet

  1. A real helmet of justice would be able to fire guided mini-missiles that would home in to the culprits tires!

  2. I’m not sure I want that much video evidence of how badly I ride! :) does it have audio so you can hear my huffing and puffing … IN STEREO! Unfortunately a good idea.

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