A Week Without Cycling

First it was our home remodeling project. Then it was a work obligation. Now, it’s the weather. All the stars have been in alignment over the past week to keep me off my bike.

Central Texas is under a Winter Weather Advisory. That’s nowhere near as serious as much of the country is facing right now, but in an area that seldom gets snow, these kinds of weather events are cause for consternation. It’s been raining on and off since Friday, sometimes heavily. That’s enough to keep me from riding. But the temperature has dropped to the mid-30s (2C), and that’s below my threshold for riding. I don’t have clothes that will keep me comfortable at anything lower than 40.

This past weekend was also that rare time when I’m tied up with work-related things. In this case, I emceed a conference for students all day Saturday. That wouldn’t have been a problem if I could get on the bike Sunday, but as I said, rain and cold together do not biking weather make.

But Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. I get to take Wednesday off work, and we don’t have to work Friday — so I expect lots of riding in the next few days. The forecast is going to moderate, too. We’ll be up to 70 (21C) by Sunday! All I have to do is dig my bike out from under all the remodeling waste in my garage.


  1. jon fair says

    I feel your pain. Lately the weather here (Jacksonville FL) has either been rain, or 20mph winds, with gusts up to 40mph. The last thing I need is a freak cross wind to push me out into traffic. I finaly managed to get in 16 damp miles last night and my rear tube decided to end it’s 2000 mile flat-free streak. Oh the horrors, oh the suffering…! I think I’ll stay in with a six-pack of “recovery beverages”. Here’s to bad weather! 😉

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