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Attorney Jay Knispel sent along a safety graphic his law firm makes available. It’s called “The Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Safety,” and has tips for riding in traffic, keeping kids safe, and what to do in the event of a bike crash. It’s New York-centric, but I think its advice applies everywhere. I thought you might enjoy taking a look.

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    I am of the school that we learn how to ride in traffic through experience. Having done lots of riding in bike culture cities both here and abroad, I have concluded that subtle signals and eye contact work best for sharing the road. We are not vehicles nor pedestrians, each of whom have their own ways of dealing with their environments. As bicycle traffic increases on the scale of NYC, others have been, and will develop bike traffic rules that are similar to vehicle rules, yet differ just enough to let bicycles share the roads safely.
    To clarify: I am talking about the utility rider who is in traffic in the city every day and not the weekend carbon and spandex road biker who rides mostly in rural country roads. A style of riding in which I bring out the helmet and also participate on many a Sunday.

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