Fun or No Fun

Once again, several of my biking friends from the club were sitting around after a ride comparing their Strava scores, KOMs, segment times, whatever those things show. I let it blow by me, because I have no interest. Time, distance, avg. speed are really the only figures I need.

One of our veteran riders, George, watched the conversation with bemusement, as well. George is well into his 60s, used to race motorcycles, and loves to pull away on steep hills. But on the ride that morning, I noticed he didn’t have a computer on his handlebars.

“I don’t use one,” he said. “Don’t need one.”

“I’m surprised to hear that, since you’re pretty fast,” I said. “You keep up with the A riders just fine.”

“You know how I record my rides?” he asked. “Fun or no fun.”

“Huh?” I said.

“Yeah. Am I having fun? That’s a good ride,” he said. “If I’m having no fun, that’s not such a good ride. Fun – no fun.”

I’m working from home today. When I finish, I’ll head out for a ride. It’s a nice, sunny day. Fun. But it’s quite windy. No fun. Hm. How will I judge it at the end of the ride?


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