Merry Christmas!

As I did some Veloway laps the other day, I was cheered by all the decorated trees – like the one at right – that popped up this year.  In a 3.1-mile lap, I counted 11 different decorated trees.  Last year, the inline skating club that uses the Veloway decorated several trees, but I don’t know if they just increased their efforts this year or if others jumped in with their own decorated versions.  Doesn’t matter, really.  Just passing by them puts a smile on your face.  To get a full-size view of these trees, just click on them.

In some cases, it appears there’s a bit of a contest going on – to see who can decorate the nicest tree.  Lights are out of the question, since there’s no easy access to power around the track, but lots of folks manage to do just fine without them.

An old, and now disused, outhouse is all dolled up as a gingerbread house.

One of the trees is decorated with feathers – a touch that makes it look like the tree is covered in tropical birds.

In the spirit of the season, it’s nice to see that none of the trees has been vandalized – at this writing.

I probably won’t post again until Sunday at the earliest, while we entertain family for Christmas.  From Bike Noob and Mrs. Noob, have the happiest of holidays!

What to get?

I’m terrible when it comes to giving Christmas presents.  It takes me forever to come up with a good idea.  Sometimes, I’ll receive hints, or even outright demands, but they’re for mundane things that don’t resonate with me.  So I skip getting the thing someone wants, and get them what I think is cool.  Sometimes it works.  Often, it backfires.

So this year, I’m turning to you, the patient and forgiving readers of Bike Noob.  I need some biking-related gift ideas.  Now, I’m not going to run out and buy my friend’s brother-in-law a Pinarello Prince, so keep your suggestions within a reasonable price threshold.

To help generate some ideas, I’ll just toss out the suggestion (demand?) I gave Mrs. Noob:

cageNot the seat, or the seat post, but the water bottle cages.  I know, not very imaginative, but I want one.  What do you want, or suggest that I buy as a gift for my biking friend(s)?