Best bike web sites — The Results

It looks like response to the Best Bike Web Sites question has fallen off, after dropping “below the fold” because of a too-long tag response, so let’s compile what we have into one easy-to-click collection of links. Thanks to those who contributed their ideas.

Cycling News
Velo News
Pez Cycling News

These three sites provide everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about the bike racing scene. Cycling News’ collection of links is overwhelming. Velo News may have the cleanest design of the three sites. Pez is arguably the funkiest.

Training For Cyclists

I’ll highlight this contribution by Mike Weiland, but if you’re into training, you might also check his list of training sites.

Road Bike Rider

A simply designed site for roadies, with links to info on training, skills, nutrition, fitness, equipment, inspiration and fun! They offer a lot of e-books for sale. I subscribe to their weekly e-mail newsletter.

Associated with the British magazine Cycling Plus, which in my humble opinion is a far better mag than Bicycling, but its newsstand price in the States is $10.

Sheldon Brown

The reference for all things cycling. Esoteric and arcane info you can’t easily find elsewhere. Although Sheldon is now doing his cycling in the Great Beyond, we can all hope his site will be around for a long time to come.

Adventure Cycling

For long-distance riders and bike tourers.

Bike Biz

If you’re interested in the bicycle industry.

OK, not an exhaustive list, or even a very long list. But these sites, along with all the blogs most of us read, will really cut into the productive hours of our days! Thanks again for participating.


  1. says

    Nice selection of sites there, plenty more reading for me.

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. You dont seem like a noob, I’ve learned a few things from reading your blog, tho maybe I’m a noob too?

  2. rainycamp says

    Thanks, Noel.
    Every time I think I might be shedding my noob status, I am brought back to reality by not knowing something more experienced riders seem to take for granted.

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