A Three-Year-Old Noob?

February 18. That’s the day I put up my first post on Bike Noob.  Three years ago.

Unbelievable. A blog I started just to get a feel for writing a blog has turned into something that I would be hard pressed to do without. The greatest reward for me in writing this thing is how much I have learned — about blogging, about biking, and about other seemingly unrelated topics.

Certainly, my cycling horizons have broadened in the last three years. I started by just taking bike rides that were a little longer than most of my acquaintances took, and what happened? I started riding with a club (which showed me how much room for improvement there was), I bought a new bike (which is now a not-so-new bike — it’s three years old, too, and I’m looking enviously at other velocipedes — I just have no idea what I want), I started doing organized rides and eventually worked my way up to a century, I did organized time trials (but haven’t gotten into actual bike racing, and don’t plan to), I devoured every book, article, magazine, blog, online forum, Twitter feed, etc.,  I could find about biking (and I’m still hungry for more).

I’m seeing a lot more biking blogs out there than there were when I started. A lot of them are better than this one, and I’m wondering if I can maintain the freshness of my posts with all the “competition.”  But as long as I can stay interested, I’ll keep trying to be interesting.

The best part about Bike Noob, as far as this noob is concerned, is you — the reader. I’ve enjoyed the feedback I get in the comments. I promise to do my part to make this place more two-way than it has been, and try to engage you in online conversations via the comments. I know your time is precious, so when you take a few minutes to add your thoughts to my posts, I truly appreciate it. I’ve already made some virtual friends as a result of this venture — I hope to make more in the coming year.

In the meantime, get out and ride! (And keep the rubber side down.)


  1. RamonH says

    Congrats on the anniversary! You have taught me a ton of things by writing this blog. Just yesterday, I made sure I had the proper wrench in my tool bag and checked my cranks 😀

  2. says

    Congrats Ray. I wouldn’t worry about keeping it fresh. You’ve got your own unique style which keeps us coming back for more. Here’s to another three years.

  3. says

    So, three years… I believe you are required by law to change the name to “Bike Somewhat Experienced, but not a ton” or something similar in spirit.

  4. says

    Here’s some feedback – your blog is excellent and you have nothing to worry about in the “keeping it fresh” department! Congratulations on three great years of blogging. I’m looking forward to many more.

  5. Barbara says

    Congratulations on the milestone! As others have already said, just stay curious, keep writing, and we’ll keep leaving comments! Here’s to downhills and tailwinds….

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