Facebook Troubles

Well, this is a heckuva thing to post to Bike Noob — but my Facebook account was hacked by someone who tried to co-opt it for a phishing scam. Facebook has disabled my account. When I try to reclaim it, it prompts me to set a new password. I’ve done that four times today. I’m running out of password ideas! Each time, it circles me back to the Reset Password page without letting me continue to reclaim my account.

Facebook’s “Help” page is completely automated, so I can’t find any help from them for my situation.

I will continue to post on Twitter, but not from the Bike Noob Facebook fan page. It looks like that page will be inactive for the foreseeable future. My five most recent tweets will continue to display in the right column of this blog.

I do have a Google+ account, which I might actually have to start using now. Unless I decide that I am perfectly content to live without Facebook. Which I might be.

Have any of you run into this kind of problem with Facebook? Any ideas how I can fix it without having to change my password again? How many of you have deactivated or deleted your Facebook accounts? What are the pros and cons of that?


  1. Scott K says

    I haven’t had that happen, so I maybe way off base, but maybe they’re not getting to facebook from the outside, but going through your computer. Have you considered running a virus scanner to be safe?

  2. Tim says

    I think you weren’t the only one. My news feed changed radically yesterday. Looks like a few people stopped posting or were deactivated by FB.

  3. says

    That’s odd. Did you try the “Forgot your password?” link?

    Facebook disables accounts because people used the report function in response to the hacker’s activity on your account. I think it requires human intervention from someone at Facebook to re-enable an account and there’s no telling how long that might take, especially if this is an epidemic problem. Good luck!

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