Happy Noobaversary To Me!

This one caught me by surprise. It’s the sixth anniversary of Bike Noob. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that I’ve been writing this blog for six years, until the folks at WordPress sent me a congratulatory message.

How’s the past year been? A mixed bag, I think. I’ve noticed that my posts have not kept to the rigid three-a-week schedule I used to observe, and that I’ve been posting a little less often recently. I think that has to do with a colder-than-usual winter this year, and a marked reduction in miles ridden as a result. It’s hard to keep interested when you find yourself preferring to stay indoors. Now that the weather is getting back to what Texas bikers expect (a high of 80 degrees — 26C — is expected today), I’m sure I’ll be out there more often, and get my writing back on a regular schedule.

Some highlights of note over the past year: I hit my all-time high in daily page views back on July 11, with 1,482 views that day. That’s when I realized that my 2008 Specialized Allez Elite really isn’t an entry-level bike. Or maybe it was when I took a bad fall after sliding on an oil slick in the road on a really hot day. The most-viewed post for the past year was an old one: an item about an online Bike Comparison Tool from 2011.

It’s also clear that I’ll have to start paying more attention to social media than I have been. My Bike Noob Facebook page and Twitter feed attract a lot of people to the blog.

Thanks for all of you who keep coming back to read the ramblings of this over-the-hill cyclist. But once you’re over the hill, it’s all downhill, right? And we cyclists love downhills!


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    Happy noo-a-niversarty to you and Mrs. Noob. You have been one of my inspirations and I have learned a ton since 2009. Thanks. We need to have lunch again one of these days when I make it to your neck of the woods :)

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    Happy Noobaversary!!! Like you, I am surprised at what posts draw the most views. For me, a 2011 review of Continental Grand Prix tires draws a steady stream of hits each day. Posts I’ve poured my soul into sometimes go without any much attention at all. Thanks for your great blog. You’ve always got something that makes me think and you share it in a very entertaining way!

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