This is a Bad One

A cyclist was hit and killed this morning by a pickup truck in Edinburg, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. The two men in the truck allegedly tried to hide the cyclist’s body, but were caught by police.

The victim, Eddie Arguelles, was a close friend of Ramon H., who has commented here several times and even written a guest post.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the family.


  1. Suzy pope says

    I was at a bike safety presentation last night here in Maine, and returned hoe to this news. So very sorry to hear this, and my thoughts go out to his friends and family

  2. raygarza710 says

    Many of here are in shock as to what happened to Eddie. Total disbelief that someone would try to hide his body. There has been a big out reach in support of his family with fund raising to memorial rides in the works.

  3. says

    Thank you for your kind words. Eddie had been a part of the 5AM Wake Up Ride group since its very first days. He was a fellow cyclist, a co-worker, but more importantly a good friend. We rode together more times that I can count, and we had countless deep conversations during those long rides. He touched the lives of so many people, and just about anyone can tell you a funny story about Eddie. His personality was indescribable, but one thing was for sure: once you met him, you never forgot him. May his soul ride the streets of gold now.

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