MS 150 Weekend

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I leave for Houston to ride in the MS 150 Houston-to-Austin ride this weekend. (It’s actually 177 miles, but we won’t quibble with the MS Society’s brand.)

I did it last year, but the first day was rained out, so I only got to ride the 77-mile leg of the second day. This year, the weather forecast is dicey as well: 30 percent chance of rain Saturday, and 60 percent on Sunday. Oh, well.  I’m pretty much a fair weather rider. In fact, my last bad crash was in the rain. So the goal this year is to complete both days of the ride, and stay upright while doing it.

My friend Bob, who rides with me in our cycling club, will share transportation and a hotel room with me. At least two other members of the club are riding too, that I know about. And this year, lots of other folks I’ve met through social media — including this blog — are going to ride as well. If we can all get together for a massive meetup, that should be a lot of fun.

I thought I might be less stoked for the ride this year, because of my previous experience with it, but I’m not. In fact, I might be even more excited about it this year. Despite the rain, there is still a good prospect of getting in both days of the ride, so I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be a good test for my new riding position. And, as the largest fundraising bike ride there is, it’s one heck of an event.

I’ll be back in this spot as usual Sunday evening, with a full report of the ride.


  1. says

    Good luck and have a fun ride! I want to do the MS150 ride here in KY someday, but I’m not in good enough shape yet for this year. Hopefully next year. I hope the weather cooperates for you!

    • says

      A lot of riders are woefully unprepared for this ride. But with rest stops every 10-12 miles apart, most anyone can go 12 miles. You just keep doing it, and doing it…

  2. Randy says

    Hi Ray, good luck on the ride! Hope to run into you this year again. Can you let me know what jersey you are wearing so I can enhance my chances of picking you out of the crowd?

    • says

      I’ll have a St. David’s jersey Sunday for sure. Saturday, I’ll wear either that or my CCRCC club jersey – haven’t decided yet. Packing it, tho.

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