Whatcha Want For Christmas?

It just occurred to me this afternoon: Christmas is coming fast, and I haven’t gotten off my duff to do anything about it!

It shouldn’t be too tough to take care of Mrs. Noob this year.  She wants a pair of leg warmers, because she thinks mine are cool.  Actually, they’re warm, which is why she wants a pair.  She also wants a new pair of biking shoes.  But she already has carbon-soled Specialized, so she might have to get along with those a little longer.  And last month, she asked for a pair of knickers, which, although she says she doesn’t want them anymore, might be just the ticket for milder, but not yet warm, days.

No, the big dilemma is what do I want for Christmas?  Geez, I haven’t thought much about it.  Give me a few minutes and let me thumb through some back issues of Bicycling and some old Nashbar catalogs.

Okay, I’m back.  I do have some ideas.  I got caught in rapidly falling dusk a couple of weeks ago, and it’s just gotten worse since, as the days get shorter.  And if I ever take the advice of some of my hardier biking friends, I might get out weekday mornings and get in a ride before work.  In either case, I need lighting.  My taillight is okay.  Not great, but okay.  What I need is a decent headlight.  Since I would mostly ride on lit streets, I don’t need a super powerful light — just something that will make me visible.  I like what I’ve read about the Planet Bike Blaze.

Another idea that will not break the bank is a Road ID.  I don’t have one yet.  I think it would be a good idea to get one.  I’ve left a $2 coupon for one on Mrs. Noob’s desk.

Bar tape might be a nice thing to have.  I always get mid-range stuff with gel, because I like a cushy feel on my bars.  But it might be nice to get something a little different — like maybe that Cinelli bubble tape with the raised knobbies.  Put some gel inserts under that, and I think you’d have one comfy grip.

And if Santa is feeling particularly generous this year, one thing I’ve wanted for quite awhile is one of those wool cycling jerseys.  I really could have used it last weekend.  And with wool, you can wear it pretty much all year around — cool in summer, warm in winter.  Although it probably wouldn’t get much summer use around here.

I think I’ll retire to my home office and compose a good argument supporting my desire for these objects.  Heck, I’ll be happy to get just one of them.

Have you mailed your Christmas list to the North Pole yet?  What did you ask for?


  1. johnt says

    Lets see…..Since I’ve been a really good boy this year…..A new crankset and cassette to make it up the hills easier and a cool bike computer with gps and a power meter ……

  2. says

    After being plagued by various injuries this fall, I’d love to be able to just ride without pain. No toys, no bling-bling, nothing material, just the ability to ride more than 20 miles at a time.

    However, now that you mentioned headlights…

  3. Cliff says

    I have been reading your blog for years, so I know you’ve been riding more than a couple of months and you still do not have a Bike ID !
    There is no excuse, one for Mrs. Noob should be first on her list too. I would ride without my helmet before I would ride without my ID. My wife was diagnosed with Diabetes I got her one and she doesn’t even ride, just so first responders have her information.
    I guess since I was found on the side of the road in a rural area outside Dallas I am a little adamant on the use of the Road ID, it didn’t really save my life but it sure as hell helped.

    On an other note, I ride in north Texas and only use wool jerseys they are much more comfortable to me. to the point were I got a plain white wool jersey to ware under my club jersey when I have to ware the “Plastic Bag” the team chose . I bitched so much that the second year we changed the design to one I could approximate in a wool jersey enough of the club tried them that the third year we had two jerseys one in plastic and one in wool.

    Dude, get yourself and your wife a Road ID if you care about yourself they are only $20.00 and even less that that on the Year end special.

    • Barbara says

      +1 on the Road ID. Finally upgraded from a dogtag style from Walmart to the elite Road ID this summer after having to get a pacemaker inserted.
      It is a MUST HAVE especially in North Texas!

    • Cliff says


      Not only does it suck, it evaporates what it has sucked and keeps you cooler, just like what we in Texas call a Swamp Cooler.

      You have had a different result than I did, I have ridden the last 18 Hotter than Hells in wool and well as all the training rides getting ready for them .
      I am sure your results were different than mine, but it is a real itching point with me, (Pun intended) that wool is the original super fiber.

  4. says

    I really want a “Full Suspension” MTB but that ain’t gona happen, so a new set of “very slick” quill pedals for my road hybrid from VeloOrange, (yes, I still use toe clips and straps and LIKE them!) . If Santa was a real thing, then a Brooks B17S saddle (B17 with cut out) for the road hybrid would be way up on the list! :)

    • says

      Well, I left a discount coupon for a Road ID lying around, as well as a “20% off any one item” coupon for our LBS — so I’m hopeful. She is not a regular reader of this blog, so I have to use other means to communicate with her. Like talk.

  5. says

    Lets see…..Since I’ve been a really good boy this year…..A new crankset and cassette to make it up the hills easier and a cool bike computer with gps and a power meter ……

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